Films/Video Contents Digital Restoration and Preservation for Archiving

We are using The DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software for films/video contents restoration services;

Restoration services include
handling films/video contents defects such as dust, dirt,  flickers, scratches, hairs & lines removal, de-spot, de-stain, de-fog, de-wrap, color stabilization, image stabilization, etc.

After checking the provided
materials, we will suggest the best way to restore clients’ priceless films/video
contents and archive them in digital data format for future distribution/archive storage use.


Up to date, we have restored over 130 HK and Malaysia feature movies contents.

Video Contents Upscale


We provide service to use program to upscale the video contents from Betacam/Digital Betacam/DVD source to HD/2K/4K ProRes/MXF MOV for distribution/restoration/archive storage use.

Film Scanning

– For Video; we offer 2K/4K 8MM/16MM/35MM negative/positive films scan to digital data for distribution/restoration/archive storage use; and

– For Audio; we offer 16mm/35mm optical sound film scan to WAV file for distribution/restoration/ archive storage use.

– For Audio; we offer 16mm/35mm optical sound film scan to wave file for distribution


We provide ultrasonic cleaning service for the 16MM/35MM film negative/positive/print copies.  Reducing the dust and oil on the film which can, to certain extent, help to reduce the time and works on the film re-mastering/restoration process.