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We can digitize material sources such as16mm/35mm film, tape, hard drive or file delivery or computer-generated imagery and work with all file types and tape formats.

Quality Control

We provide QC service on material content for clients’ new or library movie titles and help clients to ensure having a complete and successful materials contents for future release/distribution/storage use.

Color Grading/Correction

We provide color process management on DI contents. With our experienced colorist plus the advanced digital color correction tools provide extra creative options and flexibility to clients.


We provide 2K or 4K resolution conformance options to suit clients’ needs.

Our conformance process includes EDL managing; auto-assemblies; Captions, Subtitles, Open and Ending Credit keying; Image composite; Sound synchronize and versioning for deliverables

Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) and Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

We offer DCDM and DCP mastering, duplications and KDM issuances. We have experienced technician standby to issue KDMs for clients during their theatrical release period.

16MM/35MM Film Ultrasonic Cleaning

We provide ultrasonic cleaning for the films to reduce the dust and oil on the film negative/positive/copies which can, to certain extent, help to reduce the time and works on re-mastering/restoration process.

Film Scanning

- For Video; we offer 2K/4K 8MM/16MM/35MM negative/positive films scan to digital data for distribution/restoration/archive storage use; and
- For Audio; we offer 16mm/35mm optical sound film scan to wave file for distribution/restoration/ archive storage use.

Digital Restoration and Preservation for Archiving

- Provide repair services for issues such as digital hits and audio drop outs etc. spotted out in the Material Content QC process.
- Provide restoration services (such as Dust, Dirt, flickers & Scratches Removal; Film Grain Reduction; Image Stabilization; De-Warp, De-Spot; De-Stain; De-Fog; Strip Recombine etc.) for the content owners on digital restoration.
- Our professionals will carefully select and suggest the best way to restore clients’ priceless films/video contents and archive them in digital data format for future distribution/archive storage use.

Digital Content Output

We have variety tools to transform and output clients’ media to the necessary file specifications and formats for deliverables.

Digital Platform Distribution

We are also handling the distribution work for content owners on Digital Platforms.Since we can have both the post production process and distribution under one roof, this enables us to help the content owners to go to the right post production process and deliver their materials to various platforms like iTunes and Google Play etc. in the required specifications without worrying on the cycle time of their contents from potential rejections. This not only helps our clients to reduce the production time and cost on their contents, but also makes their contents’ lives going longer and faster.